Fenestro Gevelbeheer:
A service & maintenance company

As a service and maintenance company, we provide excellent service, maintenance, advice for facades and window frames and are experts in the field of facade products through our webshop.

See all specialties of Fenestro Gevelbeheer below.

Facade management

We are happy to help you with poorly functioning windows and doors, glass replacement, facade leaks and facade parts replacement.


Complaints and malfunctions service is another service. One of our technicians will come by and resolve your complaint

Facade management

Based on an inventory, a maintenance plan is drawn up that includes aesthetic and technical maintenance aspects of the facade.


Fenestro Gevelbeheer also has its own webshop with hinges and locks and other facade components.


Safety is always a top priority at fenestro, which is why we also operate under the 2nd step of SCL


Fenestro makes and orders your custom products and they are always sent to you as soon as possible.

A webshop specialized in hinges and locks

In addition to being a service and maintenance company, Fenestro Gevelbeheer also specializes in hinges and locks and therefore also sells many brands, but if your product is not listed, you can always request it!

100% Safe Payment

Your payments are safe with us.

Quick Support

We will solve all your questions about the products and your orders as soon as possible.

Free Shipping

Free shipping on all orders over €250,-